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Friday, 4 June 2021

Insta Story Design Lab That Provides ig Story Art And Animated Story & Post.

Insta Story Design Lab That Provides ig Story Art And Animated Story & Post.

If a story unfold or if someone unfold it, it is told to someone else. Let's unfold your story!
Story Lab is an instagram stories editor and a story design lab that offers 700+ ig story and 500+ post templates to help you create beautiful ig collage layouts and stories, and become an Instagram static and animated story maker and post creator with art. Unique insta story and ig post can be made with templates, or can be made on empty canva in which you can customize it with insta story style filter and overlay, text, stickers, brush. Using StoryLab, it is super easy to design amazing Instagram stories or animated stories, insta posts and even ig highlight cover icons and logo for Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp and Snapchat.

All you have to do is to select a story or feed template (static / animated story and post template optional), or just pick an empty canva editing it with a little storyart to made it your own, and then choose photo or video from your camera roll to edit. You can edit it with Instagram filter, text and stickers. Stretch out one finger to customize your amazing Insta stories and Instagram post right now! Use the easy editing tool to be an aesthetic instagram video and photo editor and highlight cover maker in IG, Whats App and Snapchat!

Highlight Resources:


- Over 1500 customizable instagram templates. Try to be an insta story artist!

- 9:16 story & 1:1 post templates create trending ins story.

- Different styles of frames, including Film, Polaroid, Japanese Nichi etc.

- Use story template to made your instory to be a color story and IG story art.

- Use post templates to mix photo templates or design your own insta story art.

- Support both photos and videos :D

Animated Story

- Preset aesthetic animated story and post templates like minimal and film attract your fans at a glance! 

- Use hype text animation like shop swipe to design your own animated template.

- Enjoy your animated instagram story and post templates from a totally new Story Lab!

- More animated story and post templates are coming soon!


- Dozens of high-quality background, including Marble, Starry or Ocean texture for choice to story and create your picsart and highlight cover icons.

- Change background and use colorpicker to pick a color grid to match your story.


- Type and tell your ig story with over 100 fonts of handwriting.

- Be a moodboard creator and made your texts in Instagram story and highlight cover icon more decent with spacing and aligning features.

- Be an ins art writer in high quality and made story create with watercolor and glitter writing texture.


- Decorate your insta nichi stories with beautiful stickers.

- Choose from over 2000+ ins fashion video and photo stickers, covering styles of Retro, tezza and mojo to story create unique instagram story and highlight cover!


- Create an insta story with over 200 stunning lightroom and VSCO presets.

- Natural lightleak overlay filters for story and sun blinds, color pop filters to your insta story.

- More amazing effects will be updated, including sun blinds, paper, prequel like retro effects.


- Use brushes and mouve 100 textures to made the instory Kirakira.

- More brush functions are waiting for Instagram artists and ins storyart editors to unlock.

Download StoryLab to create story and post (static & animated stories and posts templates optional!) and one click to share trendy stories and posts to ig stories. You will be surprised by how easy it is to design aesthetic insta stories and posts for your Instagram.

StoryLab - the best IG story maker for both videos and pictures.
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Fun Free Way For Preschoolers To Learn Addition, Subtraction, Counting And Math!

Fun Free Way For Preschoolers To Learn Addition, Subtraction, Counting And Math!

It's never too early to start your child's education. Preschoolers, kindergarteners, toddlers, and older kids are eager to learn their ABCs, counting, addition, subtraction, and more! The best way to encourage that is to share smart, well-made educational apps and games with them on a daily basis.

Math Kids is a free learning game designed to teach young children numbers and mathematics. It features several mini-games that toddlers and pre-K kids will love to play, and the more they do the better their math skills will become! Math Kids will help preschoolers, kindergarteners, 1st graders to learn to identify numbers and start training with addition and subtraction puzzles. They'll have a great time completing games and earning stickers, and you‘ll have a great time watching them grow


answer is 26


EQUATION 1 -: 6 + ( 8 x 8 ) = 70

EQUATION 2 -: 3 + ( 7 x 7 ) = 52

EQUATION 3 -: 9 + ( 4 x 4 ) = 25

EQUATION 4 -: 1 + ( 5 x 5 ) = 26

Math Kids features a number of puzzles that teach while your child plays, including:

• Counting - Learn to count objects in this simple game of addition.

• Compare - Children can build their counting and comparing skills to see which group of items is bigger or smaller.

• Adding Puzzle - A fun mini-game where kids create math problems by dragging numbers on the screen.

• Adding Fun - Count the objects and tap on the missing number.

• Adding Quiz - Put your child's math and addition skills to the test.

• Subtracting Puzzle - Fill in the missing symbols in the math problem.

• Subtracting Fun - Count the items to solve the puzzle!

• Subtracting Quiz - See how much your child has improved in their mathematics skills for subtraction.

When kids can play while they're learning, they're much more likely to recall information. It also makes them want to learn more frequently, which will give them a huge boost when they start kindergarten.

Math Kids also comes with a number of features that help adults monitor and manage their child's progress. Customize game modes to increase or decrease the difficulty, or check report cards to see scores for previous rounds.

Math Kids is the perfect introduction to the basics of counting, addition, and subtraction. It will teach your toddler, kindergartener, 1st grader sorting, and logical skills along with early mathematics, giving them the perfect foundation for a lifetime of learning.

Note to Parents:

When creating Math Kids, we focused on building the best possible learning experience for children of all ages. We're parents ourselves, so we know exactly what makes a good educational game, as well as what doesn't. We released Kids Math as a completely free game with no in-app purchases or third party ads. Math Kids is full featured, frustration free, and ready to go. It’s exactly the kind of educational app we want for our children, and we think your family will enjoy it, too!
- Best wishes from the parents at RV AppStudios
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Solve The Puzzel – Think And Solve It

 Solve the Puzzel – Think and solve it,,,Earlier, health cover companies had to brew infrastructure nest egg and get the improve of an assortment of brokers, agents and fiscal consultants to sell like hot cakes health assurance procedure in India. 

>>The process was tiring and time consuming with reams of formalities to boot,Latest News, jobs Updates, Technology Tips and General Information Updates, remain with us avakarnews Please share with your companions this Post.

>>However, in today's digital age, import a health assurance prepare is more or less as cool as ordering a pizza online. The internet canister impart you with a wealth of in order re a mixture of health assurance plans, their features, repayment and additionally agile and trouble-free tips on how to purchase a health assurance sketch online.

>>The manner has evolved to turn into awfully efficient, transparent and cost-effective with minimum red tape and intermediaries. So, the just suspect gone is, how to request for health assurance design in India?

>>We are available to reply this difficulty with a a small amount of steps that are assured to be of assistance you limited a health assurance preparation that suits your needs.

Answer - R [આ કાર ની ગિયર પર આવતા અક્ષર છે જેમાં ? જગ્યાએ R આવશે]

1. accomplish Your Research: Most fill with who are looking to good deal a health assurance sketch any have a word to family and contacts or set off online to glance for the best-rated health assurance providers. near are moreover lots of forums on do media somewhere really customers publish their experiences re their interaction with health assurance companies, overhaul quality, etc. which be supposed to do you a fair to middling opinion of which health cover companies you must consider.

>>Here we put a Puzzel image ,you guess answer .If you don't know answer , nothing worry we also put right answer in this article..

>>Not every remedial band will bid you the consistent types of coverage or benefits. as soon as you balance health cover online, you will unconsciously hoard the comprehension concerning the coverage free by a number of insurers in India.

>>You be supposed to moreover obey in attend to that the cheapest mediclaim certificate is not for ever and a day the unsurpassed as you measure up to quotation marks online. You be supposed to besides hold observe that the online divergence of a mixture of cover providers is the strategic to discover the preeminent mediclaim rule in India.

>>Online likeness is the restricted routine to benefit the most excellent health cover strategy in India. Whether you purchase cover on discrete origin or family floater basis, promote to definite you associate the policies as for each your coverage and budget.
જવાબ: ગુલાબસિંહ ચાવડા 
2. stop at The Website: The websites of assurance providers are one of the preeminent sources of in a row obtainable about health assurance devices in India. every one of you have to to act is convoy a peek at the set up that suits your requirements and accompany notes. After that, you be capable of evaluate one procedure with a further to catch a glimpse of which ones submit you additional wide-ranging coverage at a subordinate premium.

>>If this gets in addition confusing, countless individual online agencies let you to balance a intend before you nil in on a policy. Thus, you preserve admission in rank about every single one prominent assurance providers and their devices in one place!

Thanks for visit this Puzzel Post, Stay connected with us for more Posts.
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Friday, 28 May 2021

How To Calculator Your Body Mass Index

How To Calculator Your Body Mass Index: Body mass index or BMI, is used to determine whether you are in an ideal weight range for your height. It gives you an idea of whether you’re "underweight", a "healthy weight", "overweight", or "obese" for your height. BMI is one type of tool to help health professionals assess the risk for chronic disease. 

BMI is a useful measurement for most people over 20 years. It is an estimate and should be considered as a rough guide only as it does not take into account age, gender, ethnicity or body composition.

How To Calculator Your Body Mass Index

Body Mass Index is a simple calculation using a person’s height and weight. The formula is BMI = kg/m2 where kg is a person’s weight in kilograms and m2 is their height in metres squared.

A BMI of 25.0 or more is overweight, while the healthy range is 18.5 to 24.9. BMI applies to most adults 18-65 years.

BMI Calculator App

BMI Calculator App Features:
- BMI score
- BMI classification
- Healthy weight range
- Easy to input height and weight
- BMI history (PRO)
- No ads

BMI Calculator formula options

Standard BMI formula:
For nearly 200 years now, medical professionals the world over have used the universally accepted Body Mass Index (BMI) to help assess the overall state of a person’s health.

New BMI formula:
Experts have identified a flaw in the basic BMI formula and have recently come up with a new calculation which presents a more realistic result as it scales more accurately in relation to a person’s height.

Important Link

BMI Calculator

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Moj App Is The Best Indian Short Videos App. Find Best Snacky Videos To Snack On

Moj App Is The Best Indian Short Videos App. Find Best Snacky Videos To Snack On

Moj is India’s own short video app created locally by ShareChat - a hot new stage to show your flaming talent to the world out there - never ending entertaining videos to watch and snack on. We discover new talent every day. New challenges every day. Find best videos to snack on.

🍁 Original Indian Short Videos App
🍁 Create Fun Music Videos
🍁 Funny Dialogue Dubbing
🍁 Watch Real Celeb Videos
🍁 Lip-Sync Dubbing Videos

A Short Video Social Community
People from all over the world gather on Moj app to meet interesting people and watch interesting short videos. Moj is preferred choice of not only for top Indian celebs but also for 7Mn+ influencers. Get a chance to meet tens of millions of talented artists from around the world on Moj app, but also get to make friends with young people from your city or near you!

Snack gaya. Moj chalao - Indian hai. No Snack, No Sweat!
Top snack videos, snack creators on Moj now!!

More than 7 million talented artists and creators now on Moj
■ Watch millions of videos selected specifically for your interest
■ Get inspired and entertained by watching millions of videos by a global community of creators
■ Dance, Comedy, Vlog, Food, Sports, DIY, Animals, Snake Video, and everything in between. Discover videos from endless categories.
■ Browse through the feed on Moj app, Search your favourite videos, get creative and share with your friends and family Instantly.
■ On Moj, you can create profile, upload videos, , follow power creators, like videos and share videos in one click.

Full of Features
■ Moj app has a number of special effects, thousands of stickers, and magical emoticons for your selfies.
■ Cutting-edge Magic filters, create exclusive Music Videos with special effects at full sync with the music's beat!
■ Have fun and learn new knowledge from countless high-quality original video content! Discover and share a bigger world now!
■ Moj has features like - edit videos, full features camera filters and editing, and much more.
■ Moj app is a global short video creation platform, where everyone has a chance to gain popularity, billions of video views and quickly become the next internet sensation!
■ Moj app is a Made In India app for Indian users. Enjoy the fun experience on Moj

Moj App is available in 15 Indian languages

Moj App is available in English, Hindi, Telugu, Marathi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Malayalam, Bengali, Tamil, Kannada, Odia, Bhojpuri, Assamese, Rajasthani, Haryanvi & Urdu!

🔥Trending on Moj:🔥
💕 Beauty
💃 Dance
👄 Lip-sync
🎶 Singing
💻 Tech
🤣 Jokes
🤥 Trick
🙌🏽 Challenge
🍻 Cooking
🤡 Comedy
👏🏽 Bollywood
🏖 Fashion-style

Facing an issue?
Contact us from Help & Support section of the Moj app. We respond within a few minutes. Alternatively, you can write us 

Please share your valuable feedback, if you enjoy using the app, do give us a 5-star rating!
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Wednesday, 26 May 2021

Check Daily Petrol and Diesel Price In your City By Pincode

 Check Daily Petrol Diesel Price In your City:-

 Petrol and diesel prices have gone up and even ordinary petrol in Rajasthan has crossed Rs 100. In Madhya Pradesh, petrol has reached 99. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has blamed the recklessness of previous governments for the continuous rise in petrol and diesel prices, which have become a hot topic across the country.

Check Daily Petrol Diesel Price In your City:-

The Prime Minister said on Wednesday that the middle class would not have come to see these days if previous governments had reduced their dependence on foreign countries for India's energy needs. Instead of directly mentioning the hike in petrol and diesel prices, the Prime Minister said that in the year 2019-20, India had to import 85 per cent of its crude oil and 53 per cent of its gas from abroad.

He questioned whether a talented country like ours could be so dependent on foreign countries for fuel during the inauguration of oil and gas projects in Tamil Nadu. "I do not intend to criticize anyone," he said. But, if previous governments had focused on this issue, the middle class would not have been burdened so much.

"To become self-sufficient on the energy front, we need to focus on pollution-free solutions," he said. Our government is sensitive to the middle class. That is why we have allowed more blending of ethanol in petrol for the benefit of both consumers and farmers.

Important Link

View Petrol Diesel Price Pincode

View Here

View Petrol Diesel Price Citywise

View Here

IOC Petrol Pump Price today

View Here

HP Petrol Pump Price today

View Here

BP Petrol Pump Price today

View Here

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