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Thursday, 23 July 2020

Big news with SIM card, verification every 6 months! There was a big change in the rules

The big news with the SIM card, verification every 6 months! There was an enormous change within the rules

The Department of Telecommunications has tightened the buyer verification rules for bulk buyers and corporations to stop fraud in SIM card verification. 
consistent with 
the new rules, the company's registration has got to be checked and therefore the company has got to be verified every 6 months before giving a replacement connection to the telecom company.

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the choice 
has been taken thanks to the increase in SIM card fraud within the name of companies. The Ministry of Corporate Affairs will investigate the registration of the corporate.

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allow us to inform you that earlier the Department of Telecom had decided to relax the principles of verification penalty for telecom customers. Telecom companies won't be penalized Rs 1 lakh for each small mistake.

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This penalty will apply only 
within the case of selection. consistent with media reports, the govt has thus far imposed a penalty of over Rs 3,000 crore on the telecom company for non-compliance with customer verification rules.
consistent with the report, the company's location also will be verified every 6 months as per the new rules. 
the corporate 
will need to provide information to which employee the connection has been made. Telecom companies are going to be given up to three months to implement the new rules
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