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Friday, 31 July 2020


There were 25,067 tests conducted in the state, a total of 7,38,073 tests have been conducted so far, the number of reported cases so far is 60,285 and the death toll is 2,418.
More than 1100 cases have been reported in the last three days in the state. From the evening of July 29 to the evening of July 30, 1159, new cases have been reported in the state, while 22 patients have died. At the same time, 879 patients have been able to do corona.

The number of reported cases in the state has so far reached 60,285 and the death toll has risen to 2,418. While 44074 patients have been discharged. There have been 25,067 tests in the state today, out of which 7,38,073 tests have been taken so far. The state currently has 13993 active cases, of which 84 are on ventilators and 13709 are stable.

New cases, total cases and active in Gujarat as compared to other states

  •    A total of 783 people were killed in the country on Thursday, up from 35,786 so far
  •    Maharashtra on Thursday had the highest number of patients at 11,147 and Andhra Pradesh at 10,167

The West Bengal government has extended the ban on flights to Kolkata from six cities, including Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Ahmedabad, and Nagpur, till August 15 in view of the rising number of corona cases in the state.

The number of coro infections in the country has reached 16 lakh 39 thousand 350. A record of 54,750 patients were added on Thursday. At the same time, 37 thousand 425 patients have also recovered.

 Corona infections have killed 783 people in the last 24 hours. These figures are according to the website.

  • Corona upgrades

    The health ministry released Corona's figures on Friday morning. within the last 24 hours, 55 thousand 79 cases have come up. At an equivalent time, 779 people have died. There are now 16 lakh 38 thousand 871 cases within the country. Out of which 5 lakh 45 thousand 318 are active cases. At an equivalent time, 10 lakh 57 thousand 806 are recovered. thus far 35 thousand 747 patients have died within the country.

As many as 1,88,32,970 samples are tested within the country till May 30, the Indian Medical Research Council said on Friday. Also, 6 lakh 42 thousand 588 tests are wiped out of the country on Thursday. this is often the most important celebrity ever.

India now has the fifth-highest number of deaths thanks to Corona infection from Italy. As of Friday morning, 35,786 people had died in Corona, India, consistent with the web site WorldMeters. Us (1 lakh 54 thousand 963), Brazil (91 thousand 263), Britain (45 thousand 999) then Mexico (45 thousand 361) are the leading causes of death from the corona. a minimum of 35,132 people is killed in Italy.

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