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Saturday, 1 August 2020

In 61 days of unlock, two and a half times more cases were reported than lockdown, with an average of 731 cases and 23 deaths per day.

Ahmedabad. it's been 135 days since the Koro epidemic in Gujarat. A four-phase lockdown was announced from Annunciation to May 31 to stop the transition to corona.

In these 68 days of lockdown, 16,760 cases were reported and 1,010 patients died. It seemed that now the state of Corona within the state might be controlled and economic activities couldn't be stopped for an extended time therefore the state was gradually unlocked, but in 2 phases of unlocking from 1st June to 31st July Corona within the state has increased at an explosive pace. In these 61 days, 44644 cases were reported within the state and 1403 patients died.

That means 246 cases and 15 deaths were reported daily in lockdown while a mean of 731 cases and 23 deaths were reported daily in unlock. Unlock 1-2 has two and a half times more cases than cases reported in lockdown.

10 cases were reported every hour in lockdown and 29 in unlock
The lockdown within the state lasted 68 days i.e. 1632 hours. While 61 days i.e. 1464 hours have passed since Unlock was implemented. Lockdown reported 10 cases per hour in 68 days, 1 death per hour and a half and 6 patients discharged every hour.

While in 61 days of unlocking, 30 cases are reported every hour and 1 patient has died and 23 patients are discharged every hour.

An average of 928 cases and 19 deaths per day in July
From Annunciation to May 31, there have been 16,760 cases, 1,010 deaths, and 9,919 discharges within the state. Despite the lockdown, the number of cases within the state increased and therefore the number of deaths thanks to corona was also high. In these 68 days of lockdown, a mean of 246 cases and 15 deaths were reported a day. While Unlock-1 had 15849 cases, 810 deaths, and 13751 discharges in 30 days of June.

a mean of 528 cases and 27 deaths were reported daily in 30 days of Unlock One. Unlock-2 was implemented in July. within the 31 days of July, there have been 28795 cases, 593 deaths, and 21237 discharges within the state. Unlock-2 has a mean of 928 cases and 19 deaths per day

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