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Monday, 27 July 2020

India's second digital strike on China now bans 47 more apps

More Chinese applications are banned in India; There are previously banned applications on 47 cloned applications

India bans 47 Chinese apps; over 250 more under scanner for user privacy violation

India has banned 47 Chinese apps for violating user privacy. India has compiled an inventory of quite 250 Chinese applications linked to Alibaba for allegedly sharing Indian user data with Chinese agencies.

The Indian government has banned an extra 47 applications of Chinese origin within the country after banning 59 Chinese applications last month. Sources told India Today TV that 47 banned Chinese apps were functioning as clones of the banned apps. an inventory of 47 Chinese applications banned by the Indian government are going to be released soon.

Government sources told India Today TV that India has also compiled an inventory of quite 250 Chinese applications, including those linked to Alibaba. The list includes Tencent-baked gaming application PUBG.

A new list is additionally being created on a number of the new top gaming Chinese apps that are being prepared. The Chinese app that's being reviewed is alleging that it shares data with Chinese agencies.

The decision was taken following a high-profile ban on Chinese applications, including ticketing, thanks to ongoing border tensions following violent and deadly clashes between Indian and Chinese troops in Ladakh. the govt said the applications are engaged in biased activities for India's sovereignty, integrity and defense.

The press agency PTI quoted sources as saying that the Ministry of Electronics and knowledge Technology has informed the concerned companies during a written language that the continual availability and operation of applications is directly or indirectly illegal also as an offense under the knowledge Technology Act. . And other applicable laws.
The government’s communications stressed that applications under Section 69A of the Sovereign Powers and Information Technology Act were banned.

The communication further said that if a prohibited application in India was found to be available, directly or indirectly, by any means, the government would view it as a violation of its orders.

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