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Sunday, 26 July 2020

Morning News Brief / Corona surrounded Shivraj, violation of social distance became severe; Upheaval in the politics of Rajasthan during the festive days

Today is July 26th. An immortal date in history to be proud of for all of us. Today marks the 21st anniversary of the victory over Pakistan in Kargil.

There is excitement in the heart and that is why today we will celebrate Sunday not as a holiday but as a victory day. We will constantly bow down to all the 527 martyrs and 1363 wounded soldiers whose sacrifices did not allow the tricolor to bend.

In today's morning brief, we will first look at the news that shows the situation in the country with the memorable words of Martyr Paramvir Captain Vikram Batra, "Either I will come back with a wave, or I will come wrapped in a tricolor, but I will come." .

First of all, the spread of the Corona virus, in front of which all the calculations, big and small, leaders and actors seem to be wrong.
1. Shivraj also became coronagrast

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Let us learn from the example of CM Shivraj Singh of Madhya Pradesh what the consequences of not adhering to social distance are in the Corona crisis. He is the first chief minister of an infected country. The lockdown started in Bhopal on the night of July 24 and on the morning of July 25, Shivraj informed that he was infected like Amitabh Bachchan. "My report is positive. The public should be careful. A little carelessness invites Corona," he said. Shivraj found it difficult to travel to Lucknow with Minister Arvind Bhadauria to pay his last respects to the late Governor Lalji Tandon. Bhadauria was previously infected and now CM is also infected.

After Madhya Pradesh, let's talk about the neighboring state of Rajasthan, where even viruses like Corona have succumbed to political developments.

2. Political upheaval in Rajasthan during the three-festival days

Today marks the 17th day of the political transition to Rajasthan during the festive season. In this politics of disunity, the face is changing. Now in Rajasthan, the clash has started not only between Pilot and Gehlot but also between the Governor (BJP) and the Congress. The BJP team met the Governor. Later, BJP state president Poonia said that only if the head of state warns that 80 million people will surround the governor. This statement could sentence him (Gehlot) under Section 124. Earlier in the day, Congress supporters staged a protest against the BJP in the region. The hearing in the Supreme Court in Delhi and the High Court in Jaipur will be monitored on Monday.

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Now let's look at Uttar Pradesh from Rajasthan, which looks painted in the colors of Ramji, the atmosphere is Ramdhun, there are talks, there is an event, and we are waiting for 5th August-
3. Diwali will be celebrated for two days in Ayodhya
Preparations are underway to start construction of Ram temple in Ayodhya. On August 5, PM Modi will pay homage to the land for the construction of the temple. CM Yogi Karsevak reached Puram on Saturday to review the preparations. Talking about the days to come after seeing Ramallah, Gadgad Yogi said happily- We will all come together for the auspicious event. Dipotsav will be celebrated in homes and temples on the night of 4th and 5th August. Diwali is associated with Ayodhya and festivals cannot be imagined without Ayodhya. This auspicious moment has come to Ayodhya after 500 years. The world will see a grand program of temple construction.

Now Corona and away from politics are two news that you would love to share with your family today, Sunday.
4. Such good days of home loan will come, never thought
You may never have thought, nor have you ever heard that the interest rate on home loans in our country has now reached 2.5 percent. Suppose you want to get a loan of Rs 27 lakh and the Prime Minister's Housing Scheme (PMAY), tax exemption is added to it, then this loan will be available at only 2.5 percent interest. If you do not qualify for PMAY then you will get 4% and if you do not get any tax relief then this rate will be 6.80%. In all three cases, home loan interest rates are at an all-time low. HDFC, SBI, ICICI are offering home loans at 6.95 percent, Axis at 7.75 percent, and LIC at 6.90 percent. Union Bank offers home loans at the lowest rate of 6.80 percent.

5. News of consumer benefits, a new law enacted
Consumers will now be free from the scams they faced in online shopping. The Indian government last week approved new e-commerce rules under the Consumer Protection Act 2019. The new rules will also apply to e-commerce sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal. Sellers of counterfeit and adulterated goods can also be sentenced to life imprisonment. The new law gives consumers the option to lodge a complaint from anywhere. They can also file a complaint in the Consumer Forum near their home. A celebrity who misleads an advertiser can also be fined Rs 10 lakh.

Now let's see what your zodiac-future-digit and tarot card says today, Sunday
According to astrologer Dr. Ajay Bhambi, Sarvarthasiddhi Yoga is becoming today in terms of dates and constellations. The effect of which will be to plan new tasks. Big people can also help. Some people will complete stalled tasks and may even get paid.

Read in Gujarati news

According to numerologist Dr. Kumar Ganesh, July 26 has root 8, fraction 1, day number 1,4, month number 7 and talk number 2,7. On Sunday, this organ becomes a strong opposing alliance with the number 8 of 1,4 and an opposing alliance with the number 4 of the number 1.
According to Tarot card reader Sheila M. Bajaj, today will be a very good day for 8 out of 12 zodiac signs. The day can be full of success and fun. It can take time to fulfill one's domestic and professional responsibilities. For 4 zodiac signs

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