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Friday, 31 July 2020

Online teaching time will be fixed: 2 sessions of 45 minutes in standard 1 to 8 and 4 sessions of 45 minutes in 9 to 12

Education guideline/time limit for online education will be fixed: 2 sessions of 45 minutes in standard 1 to 8 and 4 sessions of 45 minutes in 9 to 12.

thanks to Corona, a suggestion is being made to offer limited hours to online education in Gujarat. Accordingly, up to a half-hour in pre-primary, two sessions of 45-45 minutes in standard 1 to eight. While 9 to 12 are going to be limited to four sessions of 30 to 45 minutes.

The deadline was fixed as per the rule of the middle
As it is unlikely that education will resume in schools within the state till Diwali, it's been decided to offer importance to online education. The government has now set a deadline for online education as per the Centre's guidelines.
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Online education isn't provided the maximum amount as regular school time
At present online education is provided for hours and for schools as long as regular i.e. 5-6 hours. Instead, online education is going to be limited consistent with the age of the kid and therefore the class during which he/she is studying. additionally, a student won't be required to wear a faculty uniform and can be ready to take an opportunity.
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Scheduled up to pre-primary and standard-12
In pre-primary schools, online education shouldn't be quite half-hour. Similarly, students from Std. 1 to eight are often given limited education in two sessions of 45-45 minutes in two sessions.

The school teaches at its own convenience
About 1 crore school-college students have studied online in Gujarat and at the present, each school is imparting online education as per its convenience. In many faculties, this sort of education is given for 3-4 and up to six hours. But it's become a burden as children aren't yet conversant in online education.

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