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Thursday, 30 July 2020

Raphael's home in Ambala / City dwellers will be seen flying day and night Raphael will train every section of the Air Force related to warplanes

Raphael's home in Ambala / City dwellers will be seen flying day and night Raphael will train every section of the Air Force related to warplanes

Ambala. The people of Ambala will see Raphael flying day and night for the next few months. After Raphael arrives here, the Indian Air Force will conduct round-the-clock training on him. The training will be for every part connected to this fighter aircraft. Retired Sergeant Khushveer Singh Dutt from Ambala Airbase said that when the Jaguar fighter plane came to India in the 80's while on duty, the pilot and technical staff underwent day and night training.

Even before the Jaguars arrived, the Air Force's morale was very strong
“Jaguars were bought when I was on the job,” says retired Sergeant Khushveer Singh. There was not so much media then. Very little information came out. But inside the Air Force, the morale of the Air Force was very strong. Discussions began among the troopers even before the plane arrived. After the Jaguar arrived, every Air Force soldier wanted to see it. The Jaguar was very powerful at the time.

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More than 15 trades were involved in the flight of one fighter plane
Datta further said that more than 15 trades were involved in flying the same ship. Ordinary people could see the ship flying. They only see the working condition of the pilot, but there were more than 15 trades connected to the ship. The next few days will be challenging if something new comes to the base. They will practice day and night to understand all this.

Practice is started three hours before the flight
Dutt further says that the practice starts three hours before the fighter takes off. It is not possible for you to resume flying in the same condition in the morning after leaving it in order at night, but you have to start from zero again in the morning. It is landed on the runway only after all sorts of checks. All this process takes about three hours.

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Retired Indian Air Force Sergeant Khushveer Singh Dutt
The Air Force needs 43 flying squadrons, we only have 34. Of these, 8 squadrons are going to be de-graded in 6-8 years. Then there will be only 26 squadrons. This will halve the capacity of our aircraft. In this, India should increase the strength of the Air Force by buying more fighters. We have skilled manpower, but we also need fighters of that level. The arrival of the Raphael will increase the strength of the Air Force, but more fighter planes are needed.

Raphael's deployment at Ambala airbase is very important
This base works like a left and right hand for the airport. The different borders of Pakistan are only 200, 250 and 300 kilometers away from this airbase. The China border is also close to this airbase. Raphael's deployment in Ambala will cover both countries.

Raphael is a gift to the Air Force
Raphael means storm. This fighter plane is very important for our country. Even today the fighter planes are not sophisticated. No fighter planes have been purchased in the last 20 years. The big reason is politics. Now when Pakistan and China are looking at our country’s border with a bad eye, Raphael is like a gift to the Air Force. This will strengthen the morale of the army personnel.

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