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Sunday, 26 July 2020

To promote "self-reliant India", the government has set up several unique facilities in Indian Railways.

Railways have come up with a number of in-house innovations promoting the 'Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan'. Out of these, it has been decided to implement 20 new innovations including vigilance bells, CCTV surveillance inside the coaches.

 The bell will ring a few minutes before the train leaves to warn passengers. Reserved tickets will be issued on the mobiles of the passengers. All these innovations are aimed at improving safety and providing better facilities to passengers.

Railway Minister Piyush Goyal has released a video on Twitter. These innovations include water coolers developed with zero electric consumption.

 These coolers have been installed at Borivali, Dahanu Road, Nandurbar, Udhana, and Bandra railway stations. In the same order, another innovation is the air quality devices that provide air quality information at the Allahabad railway station.

Apart from this, due to the coronavirus epidemic, reserved tickets are being offered through mobile apps and Bluetooth printers, to encourage people to at least keep in touch with each other.

Every train and coach will get a live location

With trains, it will soon be much easier to find the live location of each compartment. Indian Railways has made special preparations for this. Indian Railways plans to install RFID tugs in all its coaches by December 2022. So far 23000 coaches have been fitted with RFID tags.

The work of affixing these tags in the remaining coaches of the railways is being done continuously. With this tag, the live location of railway coaches can be found wherever they are.

Railways have prepared to post COVID coaches

Railways have prepared post-COVID coaches for passengers to avoid corona infection during the corona period.

These coaches are made in the railway factory of Kapurla. Post-COVID Coach offers seats with copper-coated handles, plasma air purifiers, and titanium dioxide coating as well as various foot-operated facilities. The railway factory at Kapurthala has designed coaches equipped with state-of-the-art technology to protect against corona.

The coach will have the facility to use water and soap without touching the hand, which will be operated by foot. Apart from these seats made of the copper-coated handle, plasma air purifier titanium dioxide coating material has been used.

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