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Saturday, 1 August 2020

All Treatments Are Free In This Hospital In Gujarat


Mitrau is a festival-like hospital in Gujarat.

Where all the patients are given all kinds of treatment totally free of cost. Not only small but also big operations for a serious illness can be done without any fee.

Managed by Swami Nirdoshanandji Manavaseva Trust.

We are talking about 'Nirdoshanandji Manavaseva Hospital'.

The hospital - Bhavnagar district,

Umrala taluka,

Timbi village (adjacent to Ahmedabad-Amreli highway).

At Nirdoshanandji Hospital -

Examination of patients, sonography, X-rays,>

Laboratory and all kinds of medicines are given without any charge. In addition -

Patients as well as their relatives are provided with excellent food and accommodation.

All these features are also provided completely free of cost.

There are very few clinics in India that provide such services for free.


Nirdoshanandji at Manavaseva Hospital - Hernia, Appendix, Thyroid,

Uterine surgery, breast cancer, bowel surgery, and circumcision surgery are 'free'.

In professional hospitals - operations that are not performed even if one lakh rupees are paid, are performed here without taking a single rupee. Here an average of 75 to 80 deliveries is performed every month.

After delivery, a 'kit' is given to the mother. It contains pure ghee-jaggery and flour as well as gas and utensils for making Shiro or raab.

In addition -

During maternity leave, a box of one and a half kg of pure ghee is also given. TL), facilitates and serves surgery including uterine tumors and ovarian tumors.

From January-2011 to February-2013… i.e. -

In 26 months, 1,87,260 patients received OPD here. Treatment is provided free of charge.

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To date, a total of 3,345 operations have been performed. As many as 40,998 patients have been treated in other departments as well.

In addition to all these treatment facilities, ambulance service is provided at a very concessional rate to transport the patients. As well as during the summer, a buttermilk center is run to protect the health of the people around the hospital. In winter, a buttermilk center is run.


The hospital serves eminent doctors and specialists in the fields of ENT, Urologist, Physician, Radiologist, Chest Physician, Pathologist, Orthopedic, Pediatric, Anesthetic, Ophthalmol, Ayurvedic, Audiometry.

Hospital Address:
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Share this information so that the needy person can get treatment and you will earn virtue. The post is very good and you can find out here and share this information with other needy people and this information will be very useful and people can do it for free. It is also treated in this hospital for free.

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