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Wednesday, 7 October 2020

US presidential election: Trump re-elected or Biden elected,

US presidential election: Trump re-elected or Biden elected, neither US nor India benefits, both leaders lean towards China

  • John Bolt, a Trump-era national security adviser, called Trump a "fake."
"Whether Trump or Biden comes, there will be no change in America's relationship with India. The priority of both is a strong economic relationship with China, "said John Walton, the Trump administration's national security adviser. Ritesh Shukla from Bhaskar spoke to him on issues including the US election, Indo-US relations and China, the main part of which ...

Question: Who would you like to see become president?

John Walton: I will not vote for either Trump or Biden. Whoever becomes president, America will not benefit. You may have seen the debate between the two. He did nothing but tu-tu-me-me. Nothing will happen in the future either.

Question: So what difference will the arrival of Trump or Biden make in relations with India?
John Walton: If Biden wins, Obama's policy will apply. Obama gave more priority to economic relations with China. Trump did the same. Yes, Trump needs to speak out against China in the Corona era, but that's an election issue. If Trump wins, he can improve relations with Jinping, because he doesn't care what happens in Hong Kong or India. Suffice it to say that China has agreed to a trade deal. Trump is a 'fake' man, so whoever becomes president does not seem to have a better relationship with India.

Question: Why do you think Trump is a fake?

John Walton: Trump is happiest when he clicks pictures with powerful people. They are happier with photo sessions with Putin, Jinping and Kim Jong Un than with American interests. They do not have the temperament needed to understand the national interest.

Question: It is alleged that Trump does not see the difference between national and economic interests.
John Walton: Let me tell you a story. At a key national security meeting, intelligence officials discussed the world's hot spots, Islamic terrorism and nuclear proliferation. Trump was also listening. Then his daughter Ivanka came and the whole meeting turned into a discussion of the family business. The meeting on national security was not completed.

Question: Why aren't India-US relations getting stronger?

John Walton: Americans are more comfortable with Indians, but historically American governments have been more inclined toward China, because from the beginning the United States has sought to build stronger economic ties with China because it does not move closer to Russia. That is why America has a strong economic relationship with China. Later, as China's military grew, so did the United States. During the Corona period, governments and people grew suspicious of China. India and Russia, on the other hand, have strong ties. However, the US knows that India's role in the Indo-Pacific region will be important. After Modi's arrival, America had a golden opportunity, but Trump could not do it fast. It was because of Japanese Prime Minister Abe that relations with India were being discussed. Modi should thank Abe for that.

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