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Saturday, 31 October 2020

whatsapp status download free app now

Download the WhatsApp Status Free app now

  Deal with your downloaded image and video in the inbuilt gallery.  Where you can erase, share, reshare.

  Support 7+ platforms

  Widmax app support image and video downloading like Tidakk, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Vigo Video and the like.

  You can view your saved video and image in the inbuilt player / guard.  It is 100% safe and guaranteed.

  download whatsapp mode free appplay, download, share and enjoy with VDMX video / image downloader!

  Once you've used it, be a fan of the Vidmx app!  It allows you to download videos and images from many internet based life stages.  Typically, you can duplicate the connection from Tiktok or any other social media phases and glue it to start downloading later.  However, with VDMX Auto To Saver mode, just copy the link and it will start downloading the video / image automatically.  It does not need to be pasted into the VidMX application.

  About the app:

  VDMX is a standout among other video downloader applications.  You can download videos from different platforms without watermark.  It additionally supports image downloads for Insta.  100% free!

  Important links to applications:

  Click here to download the apps

  Highlight the features of the Widmax app:

  Video downloader for Insta

  Video Downloader without Tickmark

  Video downloader for Facebook

  Video downloader for Twitter

  Sa To Saver Mode (Just copy the video link and it will start downloading the video!)

  Video downloader for Vigo and Like

  Story Saver

  Image downloader for Insta

  Easy to use and user friendly UI design

  Save video / image to internal storage

  Manage video / image in inbuilt

  Inbuilt video player and image viewer

  No need to login!

  Easy download with multi-downloading

  Download the app status free app

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