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Tuesday, 15 December 2020

Important decisions for strict enforcement of fire safety in Gujarat


-The state government will develop a fire safety cop portal to get fire safety start online. Getting the new Fire Shrub online now will save people from having to push the office.

-Fire safety plan has to be approved only at the time of design-development permission of the building. Fire safety certificate has to be taken at G.5.

-Fire safety certificate for newly constructed buildings will be valid for three years. In case of regularization building, the fire brigade is valid for a period of two years.

-A large cadre of private and trained young fire safety officers with professional expertise will be created.

-After the necessary training in fire safety, practice will be allowed by being empaneled as a fire safety officer.

-Fire safety officers can be empaneled only after passing the test with rigorous training including fire fighting according to their grade. The fire safety officer has to do a refresher course every three years.

-Fire Safety Officers will have to visit each building field periodically and renew the Fire Safety Certificate from time to time.

-This new system will be implemented in the state from next 5th January.

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