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Monday, 15 February 2021

State Bank of India is offering a benefit of Rs 2 lakh to these account holders - details here

State Bank of India informed about the scheme on the bank's official Twitter handle

In good news for State Bank of India's (SBI) Jan Dhan account holders, SBI has said that if you apply for a 'Jan Dhan Card as SBI', you will get accident insurance of up to Rs 2 lakh.SBI informed about the scheme on the bank's official Twitter handle.

This is the time to put yourself on the path to success.

What did SBI say?

"Now is the time to put yourself on the path to success," SBI tweeted. 

Apply today for Jandhan Card as SBI.

Benefit of Jan Dhan account

The benefits of government schemes come directly into account. 

- Free mobile banking facility is also provided with the account.

2 lakh - Life cover Rs.

The account holder is given a debit card in the form from which he can withdraw money from the account or make a purchase. 

- Interest is earned on deposits.- Money transfer facility across the country- It is easy to buy insurance, pension products through accounts.

- If there is a Zan Dhan account, then an account will be opened for pension in schemes like PM Kisan and Shramayogi Mandhan.

આ પણ વાચો :- PM કિસાન નો ₹ 2000 નો સાતમો હપ્તો ખેડૂતોના ખાતામાં જમા થઈ ગયો છે

Who can open Jan Dhan account?

Any Indian citizen who is 10 years of age or above can open a Jandhan account.

You can also transfer your original savings account to Jandhan Yojana account.

For this you have to submit an application to the bank manager that your account should be transferred to Jandhan Yojana.

આ પણ વાચો :- વિદ્યાર્થી માટે ટેબ્લેટ સહાય યોજના વાંચો 2021

Documents for opening a Jan Dhan account

Aadhaar card, passport, driving license and documents fulfilling KYC requirements can be submitted. 

-If you do not have the documents, you can open a small account. 

- In this you have to fill in a self-certified photograph and your signature.Bank Officer.- You do not have to pay any charge to open a Jan Dhan account.

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